Comedy of Errors: Shay Arick, Maggie Hazen, Zach Hill

Exhibition on view from June 12th to July 18th, 2021 at Vox Populi, Philadelphia.

Comedy of Errors, curated by Meyken Barreto, brings together the work of three emerging artists whose practices are intertwined in a peculiar way. The works of Shay Arick, Maggie Hazen, and Zach Hill appear at a crossroads wherein contemporaneity, history, Western cultural stereotypes, gender preconceptions, and the ideological impact of media and technology are under scrutiny. This territory of confluence is also characterized by the use of recognizable cultural references like cowboys, goddesses, and figures of anguish widely assumed and established in current social practices and imaginary. It is curious that in this exhibition the works on view not only converge in the conceptual field but also in their physical concretion: the pieces that incorporate audiovisual material proposes an affective dialogue with associated objects, balancing the impact of both the virtual and physical dimensions of these artworks.

For more info: https://voxpop

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